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He was sent to London...

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He underwent special training...

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He was presented with medals...

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The Double Life of Agent Piccadilly. The file of the only agent suspected of the murder of the writer, Georgi Markov and the key archive of the First Main Directorate of the SSS

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He was paid well...

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What does the Piccadilly file contain?

Why Agent Piccadilly?

Chapter 1
The Past: Before Francesco Gulino became agent Piccadilly

Chapter 2
Recruitment and new beginnings

Chapter 3
Target – England

Chapter 4 
Specially trained

Chapter 5
Meaningful recreation

Chapter 6
KGB Branch Office

Chapter 7
Brothers in poison and murder

Chapter 8
Targets of Serious Operations

Chapter 9
Attempts to infiltrate agents into the “Bears’ Lair”
(BBC Radio)

Chapter 10
Infiltration into Laterna - Radio Free Europe

Chapter 11
Piccadilly after 1978: Business flourishes

Chapter 12
KGB: New assignments for Special Agent Piccadilly in Brussels and Copenhagen

Chapter 13
Frozen but discovered

  1. Who was Georgi Markov and his assassination
  2. “The First Main Directorate assigned the Wanderer mission to Piccadilly” - Interview with Bogdan Karaoitov, investigator in charge of the investigation into the case from 1990-1999
  3. “The court has taken a very courageous decision” - Interview with Alexander Kashamov and Kiril Terziiski from the foundation “Access to Information Programme”, the lawyers of the journalist, Hristo Hristov
  4. The archives of the Bulgarian State Security Service
  5. Structure of the State Security Service
  6. Structure of the First Main Directorate of the State Security Service