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The Double Life of Agent Piccadilly. The file of the only agent suspected of the murder of the writer, Georgi Markov and the key archive of the First Main Directorate of the SSS

Responses about the book E-mail
“The Bulgarian journalist, Hristo Hristov, believes that he has the evidence to prove one of the most symbolic crimes of the era of the Cold War: the murder which eliminated the dissident Georgi Markov in London.

The Murder caused a shock wave in the West and is still being investigated in Bulgaria. After the fall of communism in 1989, the Balkan state began a campaign of distancing itself from the communist-era State Security. All subsequent governments kept the cold war era files in secret archives. Many critics consider that this allowed people connected with the former regime and Soviet allies to use their skills and contacts to become powerful players in private business, law enforcement and politics”.


“The Bulgarian journalist, Hristo Hristov, investigating one of the most symbolic murders of the Cold War era – the murder of the Bulgarian writer, Georgi Markov in 1978, has discovered new evidence which confirms that the assassination was planned by the Bulgarian State Security service of the communist period.

In his new book, the fruit of six years research of the archives and interviews with high-ranking persons and investigators, Hristo Hristov accused the Bulgarian post-communist governments of attempts of conceal the evidence relating to the case.”

Associated Press

“This is a book which tells the story not of one, but of three murders. First, the story of the physical murder of the writer Georgi Markov. Second, a no less important murder is the murder of the reputation of Georgi Markov. The third murder was the murder of the very idea that the truth about the past can be found that there is any point in looking for it. This is a documentary story and the power of the documents published within it make is such a unique work”.

Ivan Krastev, political scientist, Director of the Centre for Liberal Strategies

“For the first time a book has been published which uncovers the entire merciless truth about the fate of Georgi Markov and his death after so many malevolent attempts to hide the truth about his physical and moral murderers”.

Dimitar Bochev, writer

“After six years of hard work this work, the result of incredible creative persistence, constant and unceasing struggle with all the administrative and political departments and institutions, the result of moral commitment, is now a fact, an indisputable zenith in the struggle with the darkness, a book we cannot do without”.

Prof. Rosalia LIkova, literary critic

“This is the most astonishing book I have read in my life. Because we see not only the crushing drama of a writer of a huge class whose murder itself was a monstrous act. But we all see the entire path.”

Prof. Dr. Georgi Fotev, director of the Institute of Sociology of the Bulgarian Academy of Science.

“The greatest event of Bulgarian journalism in 2005 was the publication of “Kill the Tramp”, by Hristo Hristov. It is investigative journalism performed with honesty and in accordance with all western standards. The ricochets of this work will be felt and will stand as a benchmark and rules for all who dare do anything similar”.

Neri Terzieva, journalist, former press secretary to the President.