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The Double Life of Agent Piccadilly. The file of the only agent suspected of the murder of the writer, Georgi Markov and the key archive of the First Main Directorate of the SSS

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Sources and Bibliography E-mail


Archive of the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency
Confidential bulletin “Foreign propaganda against Bulgaria”
Reports from “Internal Information” department
Internal bulletin, “International Information”.

Archive of the Supreme Cassation Court
Investigation No.3/1991 on documents from the Military Prosecutor’s Office against General Stoyan Savov (retired) and General Vladimir Todorov (retired)

Archive of the Ministry of the Interior
Volume 34 – diplomatic materials relating to the Markov case
Volume 47-4 – diplomatic correspondence of the British Embassy in Sofia with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1990.
Volume 60-p – Confidential report of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria in the United Kingdom, 1989

Archive of the Ministry of the Interior
Batch 1, - Secretariat, volume 10 – top secret documents relating to cooperation between the Ministry of the Interior and the KGB; volume 12 – secret minutes of meetings and sessions of the collegium of the Ministry of the Interior.
Batch 2 – top secret documents of the Second Main Directorate of the SSS
Batch 22 – top secret documents of the Sixth Directorate of the SSS
2nd Court Case No.3531/1972 of the Sofia City Court against Georgi Markov
Readers’ case No.504/1968 of the “Writers’ Group”
VI-l-973 – literary file relating to Deutsche Welle

Archive of the National Intelligence Service
Top secret operational file 8081/73 of agent “Piccadilly” based on documents from the First Main Directorate of the SSS

Central State Archive
Batch 1b, volume 6 – public “A” decisions of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party
Batch 1b, volume 64, secret “B” decisions of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party
Batch 1b, volume 40 – “Propaganda and agitation” department of the Bulgarian Communist Party
Batch 117, volume 15-p, confidential and secret decrees of the Chairman of the State Council
Batch 357 – Bulgarian Writers’ Union
Batch 1224 – Archive of the President of Bulgaria, 1990

Minutes of the 7th Greater National Assembly, 1990-1991
Minutes of the 36th National Assembly, 1992

Audio and Video Materials
“The Writer and his Guardians”, documentary film, BNT, 1995
“The Wanderer Files” documentary film, BNT, 2001
“Who killed Georgi Markov”, documentary film, Panorama, BBC, 1979
Historical and political programme of the Bulgarian section of the BBC, 1998
Bulgarian National Radio, Horizont, 1991
Bulgarian National Radio, Hristo Botev, 1992
Darik Radio, 1995

Family Archive of Georgi Markov
Documents and unpublished letters, interviews with friends of Georgi Markov

Author’s personal archive
Documents from the parliament of the Kingdom of Denmark
Diplomatic correspondence between the Danish Embassy in Bulgaria and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State Prosecutor’s Office requesting documents from the Piccadilly file
Correspondence between Franceso Gulino’s lawyer and the Danish Prosecutor
Instructions for Operational Reporting issued by the SSS, 1978

Personal archive of Richard Cummings
Documents from the Security Service of “Radio Free Europe”

Personal Archive of Tsvetan Marangozov
Top secret documents of the First Main Directorate of the SSS

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Democracy – 1991, 1992, 1993
Duma – 1990, 1994
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Continent – 1993
Cultura – 2001
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Sega – 2001, 2003
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168 hours – 1993, 1994
Trud – 1991, 1992, 1994, 1995, 2002, 2003, 2005
Fax – 1991

Information department of the Commission for the disclosure of documents and confirmation of membership of the SSS or former Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff – 2002.


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